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7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success

Discover the 7 core steps that will make your marketing simple, practical, & affordable

Take the first steps to building a solid marketing foundation and learn what it takes to create a repeatable marketing & lead generation system that will attract your most ideal customers and have you stop relying on referrals alone. 

Practiced effectively, marketing is simply a system

While this may be hard for some business owners to come to grips with, like those who feel that “marketing is a strange form of creative voodoo thinking,” marketing is not only a system—it may be the most important system in any business.

To understand how to approach marketing for a business, it may be helpful to understand the Duct Tape Marketing System definition of marketing. Marketing is getting someone who has a need to know, like and trust you.

One could argue about what “like” or “trust” is in any given industry, but now more than ever, this definition gets at the heart of the game.

Here are the 7 core steps that make up the simple, effective, and affordable Duct Tape Marketing System.

Businesses that appreciate and implement this approach to marketing grow in a consistent and predictable manner.

In this Book You Will...

Marketing Strategy

Learn what it truly means to put strategy before tactics.

Customer Journey

Learn how to lead your ideal customer through a journey that will make your business Irresistible!!

Generate Leads

How to operate a Lead Generation Trio.

And More!

eZone Marketing Solutions identified the best qualities of my work and helped me launch my freelance career highlighting the true value I provide my clients. I have 100% confidence I will reach my goals backed by Janet's expertise.

- Helen Koronka

Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant
Duct Tape Marketing Certified Sales Funnel Consultant
Certified Email Marketing Specialist

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7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success

About Janet Janowiak

eZone Marketing Solutions

In 2020, Janet Janowiak joined the Duct Tape Marketing (DTM) Consultant Network, leaving behind her Virtual Assistant business since 2007. During her VA years, Janet began to gravitate toward online marketing. The whole world of processes, procedures, as well as strategies and tactics, felt very comfortable for her and came easily.

Janet has taken a multitude of online marketing courses, webinars and training programs. Most of this education related to email and social media marketing, as well as blogging and websites. Each program provided her with valuable best practices, strategies and tactics that she and her team are able to implement for businesses to improve their digital marketing.

With over 15 years of experience bringing client ideas to life, eZone is an expert at growing businesses by developing a strategy specifically for you that speaks to your best customers. Then, with this strategic guide in hand, she executes the marketing content strategy resulting in more qualified leads for your business.