Small Business Owners Gain Confidence In Their Digital Marketing

Do you often find yourself relying solely on referrals or word-of-mouth to get clients and panic sets in when you can see the end of your workload? eZone Marketing Solutions removes your fear by researching, creating and executing customized marketing roadmaps so you can feel confident in your small business again.


We Research and Create a Marketing Strategy, Develop Your Marketing Plan and Implement the Marketing Tasks

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy & Roadmap

We investigate your business online and create a strategic marketing plan to keep your pipeline full.

Do any of these problems exist in your business today?

  • You might be trying to sell to anyone and everyone
  •  You’re not sure what marketing tactics make sense for you right now
  • You are attracting the wrong types of clients
  • You are struggling to stand out from your competitors

The answers to these problems aren’t found in SEO, Social Media, or Web Content – these are strategy problems and they can only be addressed with strategy solutions.



Think of a sales funnel as a virtual salesperson that works for you 24/7, 365 days a year - without the hassle of hiring.

A sales funnel is a step-by-step process that allows you to bring your potential customer one step closer to your offer and a buying decision through a series of marketing actions speaking directly to your ideal clients in online channels we know they frequent.

These actions may start with activities that do the selling for you.  Including:

  • Paid traffic generation
  •  Automated emails
  •  Videos
  •  Articles
  • Lead Magnets
  • Entry point offers
  • Landing pages

Website Design & Development

Need a new website to support your marketing efforts or a webmaster to update your existing website?

eZone Marketing Solutions works seamlessly with WP Custom Websites to create beautifully designed digital marketing websites to maximize business opportunities.

We partner to bring different and expert skillsets together to better serve our clients.

Your new website will be extraordinary and stand-out for all the right reasons:

  • Conversion focused
  •  Intuitive user experience
  • Mobile responsive
  • Search engine optimization
  • Speed; fast loading times
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • High-quality content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let us help you gain more visibility for your website. The saying “build it and they will come”, does not apply on the Internet. You must lead a path to your website door. Be a smart marketer online by having eZone optimize your website.

Our SEO services consist of:

  • Keyword research
  • Suggest content rewrites
  • Write and install keyword-rich page titles and descriptions
  • Verify your website with Google and Bing
  • Create, install and submit a sitemap to search engines
  • Install tracking
  • Claim your businesses’ local profiles
  • Create backlinks



Looking for a little help to get your email marketing campaign up and running — or do you need an entire drip campaign created?

eZone can help you with all of your email needs including:

  • Template design to match your business branding,
  • Campaign planning and building,
  • Email drip campaigns,
  • Contact database maintenance,
  • Adding your text and images to templates,
  • Reporting

Offering complete flexibility to meet your needs and budget. Can’t afford to outsource your entire email marketing plan? Have us create your template so you can simply drop in your content each time and send out a new professional-looking email.


Blogging can turn into one of those on-again-off-again tasks in your business. This will greatly reduce the benefit your writing could bring to your business marketing.

Let us take the load off your plate by:

  • Creating a blogging plan that is on your calendar;
  • Editing your writing to optimize it for search engines;
  • Installing the backend signals that Google looks for in a quality blog post;
  • Interlinking your new content within your website;
  • Creating the best calls to action;
  • Broadcasting your message on the channels where your ideal client will find it.

Discover the 7 core steps that will make your marketing simple, practical, & affordable.

Take the first steps to building a solid marketing foundation and learn what it takes to create a repeatable marketing & lead generation system that will attract your most ideal customers and have you stop relying on referrals alone.

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Duct Tape Marketing - Certified Sales Funnel Consultant Badge
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about us

We use our experience to create yours

With over 16 years of experience implementing marketing for B2B businesses and now as a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Janet Janowiak is an expert at growing sales by developing a strategy that speaks to a company's best customers or clients.

Janet's extensive knowledge of online marketing gives her valuable insight into best practices regarding marketing strategies, email marketing tactics, website optimization possibilities, and more.

Following a strategy-first approach, Janet and her team confidently implement the marketing elements that result in more qualified leads.

Janet is a highly-driven individual who always ensures customer satisfaction with her natural people skills. She easily adapts to any fast-paced situation and efficiently makes decisions based on evidence rather than outside opinions.

Is eZone Marketing Solutions a Consultancy, Agency or Coach?

eZone has all the best elements of all three business models - 

we are your "marketing unicorn"! 




ezone marketing solutions

Expert in a field

Helps develop strategy

helps a client find their own answers

Expert in small business Marketing strategy, sales funnels and email marketing working closely with small business owners.

Develops strategy and outsources implementation

provides implementation with team

influences behavior

Develops strategy and either implements using the help of their network or passes off implementation to the client. 

provides advice, solutions, and set deliverables

often works on projects and retainers

acts as an accountability partner

Provides strategy solutions, set deliverable including Editorial plan and priority growth recommendations. Strategy solutions are offered on a project (set fee) basis and implementation packages are available via monthly retainers.


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Made Me a Success

With eZone Marketing Solutions, I didn’t have to worry about my marketing. I was able to give her content and knew Janet would take care of it. I attribute my business growth and success to the effectiveness of the marketing strategies Janet implemented for me.

Rebecca Pogonitz
Interior Design

I Found My Golden Ticket!

eZone Marketing Solutions identified the best qualities of my work and helped me launch my freelance career highlighting the true value I provide my clients. I have 100% confidence I will reach my goals backed by Janet's expertise.

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